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Complete the puzzles inside, and rush back to clock town the inn to finish up the quest before the moon crashes on night 3. Anju needs help finding kafei before the moon crashes down and destroys. Anjus anguish also known as the anju and kafei side quest, is a lengthy clock town. At 1pm, the postman goes into the stock pot inn in east clock town. It includes various characters and spans all three days. It is one of the longest quests found in any of the zelda. In part 32, we show you how to complete the lengthy anju and kafei side quest after clearing the great bay temple. From a story perspective, its nice to see the entire quest play out, including some of the challenges that each character is going through within their life. Kafeis mask, keaton mask, postmans hat and the couples mask. However, in 2015, the game was remade on the nintendo 3ds, expanding the game greatly to younger audiences. This quest cuts it close the moon will almost hit termina, but lets you finish the quest before it does. Majoras mask 3d anjus anguish quest a guide for the anju and kafei quest in the game.

Majoras mask was the 6th zelda game to come out, originally releasing in 2000 on the nintendo 64. This is not to be considered a walkthrough of majoras mask 3d. It is one of the longest quests found in any of the zelda games. Requirements eponas song hookshot garo mask romani. Welcome everybody to my 100% lets play of the legend of zelda. Reuniting kafei and anju is a task in the bombers notebook in majoras mask. Each section lists the day and time during which you have to complete a task that is required for the anju and kafei quest. All week were giving you some great contest centered around majora in honor of its 20th birthday, but as you know, weve been doing it for weeks here on the podcast. Majoras mask 3d on the 3ds, kafei anju quest faq by tnocturne. Talk to the pinkhaired lady on the couch to get kafei s.

The anju and kafei quest this is the longest side quest in the game and contains tons of collectibles. Majoras mask is the sequel to the popular first 3d zelda game. Anjus moon mask and kafeis sun mask will combine to create the couples mask. This guide will cover all of the events, specifying which ones are optional and which ones are required. Were back with our final entry into our majoras mask collection of shows, this time waxing nostalgic about the many crazy sidequests in this game. Anju, kafei, and diving into all of majoras masks crazy. Anju s anguish also known as the anju and kafei side quest, is a lengthy clock town side quest that spans all three days, requires some precise timing, and a lot of effort. In order to complete every entry in the bombers notebook, link will have to go through most of the sequence twice, which means returning back to the first day to fill in any remaining gaps in the notebook he was unable to complete in the standard threedayspan. The game had so many side quests for its time, but none are nearly as nostalgic and memorable as the anju and kafei quest. He will rush into the employeesonly room and be reunited with anju. Anju and kafei quest this page explains how to complete the anju and kafei quest, which is the longest sidequest in majoras mask.

The majoras mask 3d anju and kafei quest is known as anjus anguish in the bombers notebook. Reuniting kafei and anju majoras mask walkthrough and. Anjus anguish also known as the anju and kafei side quest, is a lengthy clock town side quest that spans all three days, requires some. This is a walkthrough for the legend of zelda majoras mask sidequest. This side quest gets us the several mask, including. Go into the mayors residence after 10am on the first day and go into the office to the right of the receptionist desk. I loved this game so much, during biology my sophmore year, i. Majoras mask 3d walkthrough the anju and kafei side quest part 32 duration. Discovering strange things out of bounds in ocarina of time 3d boundary break. There are severals masks and other rewards given throughout the journey to complete this quest. Buy a used nintendo 64 and a used copy of the game or get it as a download.

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