Patch antenna design using sonnet

To reduce the designs complexity and the computational load, the antenna and the feeding lines were simulated separately. Effect of dielectric constant on the design of rectangular microstrip antenna. Scu center for analog design and research microstrip patch antenna design principles ben horwath. Entire geometry of the antenna is easy to design which makes the structure of the patch symmetrical. Antenna gui design using matlab in this paper utilization of the design equation of rectangular patch antenna and circular patch antenna is done for the preparation of the graphical user interface in matlab. Tunability of an areaefficient microstrip patch antenna at 60ghz. The project here provides a detailed study of how to design a probefed square microstrip patch antenna using hfss, v11. Feb 19, 20 parameterization of a simple antenna sonnet software. But illustrates sizes and importance of good antenna design why microstrip antennas.

As shown in the graphs, the calculated result are very close to the measured results. The ground plane lies at the bottom of the substrate of size of 60 mm x 60 mm. The basics of patch antennas, updated orban microwave. The result i got is good but the antenna is very selective and i havent been able to increase the bw. The microstrip patch antenna calculator determines the length l and width w of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna for a given resonant frequency or vice versa. Based on simulation results using computer simulation technology cst software, chon 2010 reported that the single patch antenna gain was 5. Scu center for analog design and research quick example rogers rtduroid 5880 chosen. Design of rectangular microstrip patch antenna rmpa using stepped cut at four corners for broadbandmultiband application is presented in this paper. Tunability of an areaefficient microstrip patch antenna. The design of the antenna is modified between sonnet simulations. They are the original type of microstrip antenna described by howell in 1972.

Microstrip patch antenna design calculator 1 mosin i memon and 2 prof. Design and implementation of patch antenna 7 mmic designs, and when the particular patch shape and mode are selected, they are very versatile in terms of resonant frequency, polarization, pattern, and impedance. Microstrip patch antennas or simply patch antenna are increasingly useful because the antenna is printed directly onto a circuit board. The program uses sonnet or sonnetlite the free version to perform electromagnetic simulation on a probe fed, rectangular patch antenna. The antenna is designed at 39 ghz on thick substrate and has been analyzed and simulated. The rectangular patch antenna is analyzed, and what is learned here will be applied to understanding pifas planar invertedf antennas. The goal is to understand the radiation mechanism, polarization, patterns, impedance and bandwidth. It is a popular printed resonant antenna for narrowband microwave wireless links that require semihemispherical coverage. This antenna does not take any much extra size and can be etched on the same mobile pcb itself.

Figure 1 from design of a quad element patch antenna at 5. Typical half wave patches have efficiencies well above 90%. Jan 15, 2011 design process using matlab scripting for practically usable results. Its bottom side holds a ground plane up to the start of the antenna section. It consists of a flat rectangular sheet or patch of metal, mounted over a larger sheet of metal called a ground plane. The following matlab project contains the source code and matlab examples used for patch antenna design using sonnet v3.

Creating parameterized em projects and design curves with sonnet lite. Their low profile design, often square or rectangular, allows them to be mounted to flat surfaces. Good design practice is to have a threeelementmatching network going into the feed, to give some additional tuning ability if required. It is a useful tool for modelling electromagnetic structures. Design process using matlab scripting for practically usable results. The selected patches were arranged in planner array form for rfid application. Refer article on design of microstrip patch antenna used. Design of an sband rectangular microstrip patch antenna. In the present endeavor, a rectangular patch antenna is designed on thick substrate and simulated using sonnet software, also a novel analysis technique is developed for circular patch antenna for millimeter wave frequency. Performance analysis of corporate feed rectangular patch. Here is the link page to the various patch antenna and microstrip antenna topics. In this application note, we look at the design and model setup issues for a bottom fed, rectangular patch antenna.

The antennas are simulated using sonnet lite software. Rectangular microstrip patch antenna array for rfid. This design modification, simulation cycle is repeated until the antenna performs as intended. Microstrip square patch antenna using cst by shamsur rahman. Microstrip patch antenna is used in mobile handset due to simple look, lower cost, small size and light in weight.

The results obtain that microstrip patch antenna can be used as client antenna in computer and workable antenna for wireless fidelity. Microstrip antenna an overview sciencedirect topics. Confirm antenna using an em solver sonnet yields z in 209. This rectangular microstrip patch antenna is designed for wireless communication application that works at 2. Here are three examples of patch antenna simulations using sonnet. Newest microstrip questions electrical engineering. I am trying to replicate a 4 x 4 butler matrix using sonnet here is the sonnet design file. The attached zip file contains a tutorial for using the sonnetlab toolbox for matlab. The study involves using matlab program in conjunction with sonnetlite to obtain the antenna dimensions and to determine its performance.

To illustrate how this may help, two instances will be illustrated, the quarterwavelength patch antenna, which leads into the planar inverted. On the top side, the track width is calculated for a 50ohm impedance. In this section, well discuss the microstrip antenna, which is also commonly referred to as the patch antenna. In order to improve the antenna s impedance bandwidth and reduce the weight of antenna, an air square cavity is made as part of substrate. Figure2 is shown the configuration of the patch proposed antenna. Deschamps in 1953, but didnt become practical until the 1970s when it was developed further by researchers such as robert e. This has a complete practical design of a patch antenna for 5. The patch antenna is a good place to start for antenna fundamentals with more coming. Microstrip patch antenna calculator patch antenna formula. One method used in patch antenna design is to introduce shorting pins from the patch to the ground plane at various locations. Introduction sonnet is an em simulator using the method of moments for every kind of planar structures like microstrip, stripline or coplanar circuits couplers, matching lines, filters, gaps, stubs, patch antennas. Design and simulation of rectangular microstrip antenna. How to see input impedance at edge of patch antenna using sonnet. A microstrip patch antenna mpa consists of a conducting patch of any planar or nonplanar geometry on one side of a dielectric substrate with a ground plane on other side.

Baseline design to begin the analysis, a baseline antenna was designed to operate at 60ghz with a modified transmission line model tlm based on the work of pues et al. The design of a two patch symmetrical antenna array was also reported by chon, 2010. In this design, the lt length of transmission line. It covers microstrip based dcs band design example of mobile patch antenna. The microstrip patch antenna array is designed for single frequency of 4. In addition, by adding loads between the patch and the ground plane, such as pins and varactor diodes, adaptive elements with. Click here to go to our page on circular patch antennas new for september 2018.

Practical probe fed patch antenna design the embedded code. How to see input impedance at edge of patch antenna using. Ill use the terms microstrip antenna and patch antenna interchangeably. The original program has been significantly extended to allow for lossy conductors and substrates. This paper provides details on how to investigate a new method of teaching microstrip patch antenna design made by metamaterials using matlab. This is achieved by designing a friendly graphical user interface gui for microstrip patch antennas through which antenna parameters and radiation pattern can be determined.

Design, simulation and analysis of penta band microstrip. Gui for the rectangular patch antenna is as shown below. Microstrip patch antenna design santa clara university. If the antenna had a 100% radiation efficiency, all directivity would be converted to gain. This righthand circularly polarized patch antenna was designed for operation at 2. Microstrip patch antenna design linkedin slideshare. To obtain the exact dimensions of the design, input impedance and bandwidth would have to be simulated over the frequency band using an antenna simulation package. Sonnet antenna design software was used to simulate the performance of the antenna. For the private user there is an extremely efficient and free lite version of this program enjoying worldwide popularity on the internet. If the ratio lw is close to unity, the radiation pattern will be symmetric but may not provide a resonable input impedance. Oct 18, 2010 the design of the antenna is modified between sonnet simulations. Sonnetlab is a free matlab toolbox that enables users to control and automate sonnets 3d planar electromagnetic simulator the attached tutorial will build a sonnet project in the form of a patch antenna and utilize a simple optimization routine to maximize its 3db bandwidth. Stepped cut at four corner technique is used in order to increase the bandwidth and gain of the antenna.

In order to improve the antennas impedance bandwidth and reduce the weight of. Additional benefits of patch antennas is that they are easily fabricated making them cost effective. Example of patch antenna with an edge port feed in sonnet lite 5 help understanding input impedance of a patch antenna 3 input impedance at the edge of microstrip patch 1. Parameterization of a simple antenna sonnet software. A sonnet tutorial in english or german can be downloaded from 1. A patch antenna is a type of radio antenna with a low profile, which can be mounted on a flat surface. The study involves using matlab program in conjunction with sonnet lite to obtain the antenna dimensions and to determine its performance. The directivity of a patch can be estimated quite easily. Microstrip patch antenna construction and design aperture. Pdf effect of dielectric constant on the design of. Sonnet recommends everywhere a distance of wavelengths between the structure to be analyzed and the walls of the box. Design and simulation of modified rectangular microstrip patch antenna are done. Nov 29, 2011 sonnetlab is a free matlab toolbox that enables users to control and automate sonnets 3d planar electromagnetic simulator.

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